Thanks for your purchase of our BMI-Calculator App. On this page, you’ll find lots of important things about how to import, setup and export your app to Google Play.

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Table of contents:

  1. Preparing for import
  2. Overview
  3. Customization
  4. Compiling
  5. FAQ


 1 Preparing for import

The preparing is a bit stressing for non-programmers. Please follow these steps precisely- if there are any questions, please search for it on the web or check the linked ressources.


First of all, you need to set up the Android Studio IDE. To get started, download and install the following programs:
• Android Studio
Please follow these instructions on how to install and setup Android Studio.


Open up Android Studio and click file -> new… -> import project…

Navigate to the downloaded folder and click import.


2 Overview

The project is fully commented, you will be able to customize the app with a few clicks. Here is a short overview over the most relevant project folders:

Java-files (Sourcecode)
• Calculate- the class, that do all the calculation.
• Licenses – the class that opens up the licenses.
• MainActivity – the main class.
• Setup- this class shows up a asetup-screen, if the user is new.

Res-files (Graphics etc.)
o … – contains the layout-files
o colors.xml – contains the color-scheme of your app.
o strings.xml – contains all texts and facts.
o …


3 Customization

The App can be easily customized.


3.1 Colors


Open the colors.xml file placed in res > values > colors. Modify the HEX-Color-Codes with colors of your choice.

To find out which HEX-Code you like, use a programm like Photoshop, GIMP or this online-tool.


3.1.1 App-Icon


You should change the app-icon. To do that, go to the res folder and change all ic_launcher.png files that you can find in the mipmap-xxxx folders. It is important, that these icons have the correct size. To make sure everything is allright, you can use this free online tool.

3.2 Texts & URL


All texts are stored in a single .xml file. Open the strings.xml file placed in res → values.

On top of the file there are general sentences used in the app. Please make sure, the your_email String is correctly changed.

3.4 Change the package-name and app-name


To change the unique name of your app, make a rightclick on your project name, select Android Tools and click rename application package. This step is neccessary, if you want to publish your app at any app store.

Of course you can also change the app-name itself. Therefore, just rightclick on your project-name and select refactor and rename… Don’t forget to also change the name in the strings- folder.


3.5 Update your StartApp credentials


To enable the ads-feature, you will need to create a StartApp Account. Create a new app on and open the file as well as the Calculate-file. enable the ads by setting showAds on true and enter your App ID from the StartApp console in StartAppAppID.


4 Compiling

Good news: Your app is now ready to be published! For that, rightclick on your project- name, click Android-Tools and Export signed Application Package. Follow the instructions shown and you’re done. You can than upload it to Google Play or where ever you want to publish it.

Be sure to follow Step 3.5 before publishing it.



There are a lot of errors in the project! 

Please make sure you’re implemented all libraries and jar’s correctly as shown in chapter 1.4. If that doesn’t help, please check that eclipse, the SDK and the

JDK is correctly installed. Refresh and clear the project. Eventually you’ll need to restart Android Studio.
Do I need to customize the app? 

No, but we recommend to do so. For example, you can find great Icons at, or Make your app your own with some creativity- choose your own


In case you would like to publish your app, you’ll have to change the Package- and appname as shown in Step 3.4.
Can I deactivate StartApp Ads?
Sure! Just open and set showAds onto false. No ads will be displayed anymore.
Can I get support?
Of course, we would be happy to help you!

Write at us:

Please notice that we can’t provide support with setting up your Android Studio.