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Hello. I am Ultimate Wallpapers, the best wallpaper-app worldwide.

There are many wallpaper-apps and they all do their job. But Ultimate Wallpapers goes a step forward.

Best, hand-picked HD-Wallpapers and a app that is easy and beaufiful at once makes Ultimate Wallpapers stand out of the crowd.

Ultimate Wallpapers is free, tablet-optimized and offers a great performance.

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Great Wallpapers

We love wallpapers and know about the power of images. They can make us happy, thoughtful, excited…

This is why we only offer high quality HD-Wallpapers.


Combining ease and performance to one thing: this is Ultimate Wallpapers.

New Backgrounds

We add new backgrounds continously so you will never run out of wallpapers.

Best support

We are proud about our support. We always listen to you- typical Imagine Box.

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